Nitido: The Big Systems Company

Nitido builds user centric applications, infrastructure & monetization at Internet scale.

Since 1999, Nitido has been enabling network service providers with surmounting specialized infrastructure challenges of creating and managing value added network services that scale to very large consumer audiences. Today, over 30 million consumers enjoy service provider branded services built and run on Nitido's technology.

Nitido's applications, infrastructure servers and professional services enable its customers to unleash the value in their network service offerings:

  • For ISPs, Nitido enables differentiated consumer experiences in cost efficient ways breaking away from the access-only value proposition.
  • For Wireless Carriers, Nitido enables a richer converged Web/Mobile experience blending personal and premium content delivery to either.
  • For Web Hosting companies, Nitido enables new revenue streams, better economies of scale and market differentiation through its multi-tenant infrastructure and white-labeled applications.

Nitido has the technology and experience to help you deliver your next-generation consumer-centric service to mobile phones and the Web.